Texas Bar Flash is a Texas Company assisting candidates for the Texas Bar Examination.
The Texas Bar Flash series was originally developed by law students, just like you.   The difference? These law students passed the Bar examination the first
they took it. You can too!  Texas Bar Flash materials are reviewed by lawyers each year.  Each year, Texas lawyers review TBF materials
for accuracy.   Our goal is to help you pass the bar exam.  Each year, using a variety of sources, we ensure that you have the material essential to passing the
Texas Bar Exam.  Texas Bar Flash was designed to complement traditional bar review materials.  Traditional bar review courses advise
candidates to develop a  "mini-outline."  The problem with this approach is that candidates spend an inordinate amount of time writing and preparing outlines.  
Outlines that may or may not have information relevant to answering the Texas essay questions.  Because many students spend an inordinate amount of time
developing their outlines, they have less time to review sample answers and cementing key phrases to memory.

TIME is the biggest challenge to studying and passing the bar exam.
Instead of having over 1,000 pages of material to carry around and study, the TBF summaries are mini-outlines that you can carry with you at all times.  When you
answer practice questions, use them to assist you in remembering points of law; points of law translate into points on the bar examination.  Points on the bar
examination translate into a Bar card.
 Isn't that why you went to law school?
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"The Texas Bar Flash helped organize my study time.  
The night before the exam, instead of sorting through all of
my traditional books, I reviewed the TBF. The TBF helped
me remember key points of law under time pressure.
TBF is a study aide; it is not intended to be a
substitute for legal advice.
The materials being sold
herein are
specifically intended for the use of
candidates sitting for the Texas Bar Exam;
accordingly, the information contained in the TBF
materials is edited significantly to include only
information relevant to answering questions
presented on the Texas Bar Examination.  
The fact circumstances of your situation must be
considered before the legal principles summarized
in the TBF may be applied.
 Do not rely on the
information presented in the TBF to answer a legal
question that you may have.
NavarroLaw, P.L.L.C. is
not offering legal services by way of this web site or
through publication of the TexasBarFlash.
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